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AddUp 2

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AddUp Publisher's Description

Powerful multi-purpose tape calculator packed with functionality.
FINANCIAL: future value, present value, interest, payment, duration.
SCIENTIFIC: logs, powers, exponentials, factorials, roots, NIST/CODATA scientific constants.
CONVERSIONS: over 40 categories of units from the common (length, volume, mass) to the technically advanced (electric charge, entropy, viscosity). Meter to foot, ounce to gram, liter to pint, day to minute, C to F...
DATE AND TIME: add/subtract periods to a date/time, find the difference between two dates/times.
NUMERIC BASES: binary, octal, hex, all bases from 2 to 36, simple notation.
COMPLEX NUMBERS: natively supported plus functions (argument, norm, polar, imaginary, more).
PRIME NUMBERS: verify primeness, identify next or previous prime.
RANDOM NUMBERS: real or complex, linear or Gaussian.
RATIONAL and FRACTIONAL numbers: input and output using ratios.
GENERAL MATHEMATICS: modulo, remainder, percent, factorial, rounding, ceiling, floor...
STATISTICS: group attributes (maximum, greatest common denominator, least common multiple, more) and distribution (variance, standard deviation, median, more).
HYPERBOLIC/TRIGONOMETRIC: sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, cosecant, inverse functions.
QUICK ACCESS: on/off mode, selectable hotkey and shortcuts on task bar, desktop or start menu.
PREFERENCES: selectable keypads, adjustable button size, selectable font, top-level mode, Num-Lock, snap to screen position, switchable decimal mark.
NUMERIC FORMATS: scientific (1.23e-45), currency (12,345.00), rational (1 2/3) and more, each format is customizable.
EDITABLE WORK AREA: better than a regular tape calculator. Enter full expressions, change the numbers, repeat any calculation. Annotate your work like a regular text editor. Save to file for later use as text (.txt) or rich-edit (.rtf) document. Restore saved work.

What's New in Version 2 of AddUp

Too many upgrades to enumerate.

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